How to Add Route/Mapping in APIKit Router Manually

Sanket Kangle
2 min readJun 1, 2021

First, Assuming the RAML is associated with the project and the scaffolding has been created. Navigate to the APIkit Router processor in the canvas

And check its properties. and click on the edit option of the router configuration.

you can open the same configuration from global configuration elements tab

you should see the following window.

Navigate to the “Mappings” section and click on “+” symbol

We are going to add the new route manually. After clicking on the “+” button, we get a window to fill up the resource, action content type, and flow name that needs to be the request router to from this particular path. Fill the information accordingly.

click on “ok” tab. you should see the path added to configuration successfully.

Just run your application and your request will be routed to the newly added manually provided path instead of the old one.

Hope this was helpful.