Introduction to Processor Level Error Handling in Anypoint Platform(Mule 4) Part-2

Error handling scenario 8

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><mule xmlns:validation=""xmlns:http="" xmlns=""xmlns:doc=""xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""><flow name="scenario-8Flow" doc:id="f40036b3-ad8e-48aa-8183-b8450bb96c2e" ><http:listener doc:name="Listener" doc:id="43556d95-0eb4-4dcc-99ce-3bdf977b79d6" config-ref="HTTP_Listener_config" path="/base8"/><set-payload value='"Max Mule"' doc:name='Payload = "Max Mule"' doc:id="bcb2e637-3698-41e7-bebf-fe6411abd2bf" /><try doc:name="Try" doc:id="f8961907-593f-4d19-b780-3fd4615ab079" ><validation:is-null doc:name="Is null" doc:id="4db01652-585c-448e-b120-cc251454fa1c" value='#["Payload is not null"]'/><set-payload doc:name='payload = "modified try payload"' doc:id="a7a8bae6-d8e8-4ae4-826e-58ef69809408" value='"modified try  payload"'/><logger level="INFO" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="d5e842bb-b921-471f-afc2-a122cdb1f811" message="#[payload]"/><error-handler ><on-error-propagate enableNotifications="true" logException="true" doc:name="On Error Propagate" doc:id="03cc7adf-da74-4c99-8cd3-e2aa3a91d23d" ><set-payload value="On error propagate - try scope" doc:name='Payload = "On error propagate - try scope"' doc:id="d2414cd7-9174-441e-951b-e6d683037271" /><logger level="INFO" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="e0aac8a0-4d30-4e5c-8f0f-6e23c502e6e2" /></on-error-propagate></error-handler></try><set-payload doc:name='payload = "modified payload"' doc:id="cce40f34-2b3c-4783-8c53-b71d55410a66" value='"modified payload"'/><logger level="INFO" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="b914dddc-13c6-442b-bb1d-b9bd92926d11" message="#[payload]"/><error-handler ><on-error-continue enableNotifications="true" logException="true" doc:name="On Error Continue" doc:id="59f4ae8f-1512-44a4-be0a-e577080503f9" ><set-payload value="On error continue- parent flow" doc:name='Payload = "On error continue - parent flow"' doc:id="bfc5bc83-2acf-41d2-a4df-959fcd93fcdd" /><logger level="INFO" doc:name="Logger" doc:id="b0ae6b84-0e69-4e40-a2df-dae9d64a7326" /></on-error-continue></error-handler></flow></mule>




Keep it simple! stay happy!

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Sanket Kangle

Sanket Kangle

Keep it simple! stay happy!

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